Here at VQC, we are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner.  VQC maintains compliance with all applicable environment laws and regulations.  We design and fabricate our products to minimize their environmental impact.  Small simple changes create a big impact on our planet Earth. Our green policy is accepted by our employees as a corporate value.  VQC recognizes that greener workplaces mean healthier and more productive places to work.  Our transportation intuitive is designed for better fuel efficiency and to emit fewer pollutants.  Our field technicians, installation crews, and deliveries are collectively coordinated by our Logistics Manager.  Our office maintains a paperless environment and when printing is absolute necessary we do so on recycled paper.  All of our electronics are routinely shut completely down each day to prevent drawing of power improving energy efficiency.  Even our custodial staff participates in our green policy by using only biodegradable products.  VQC has been recycling their plastic usage for 10 years and been recycling their cardboard for over 20 years.  VQC’s facilities proudly encompasses 90 acres of trees which enable the SFC  to give us a carbon negative review